ALESSANDRA LANOT is a pattern designer and craft instructor based in Quezon City, Philippines. Her design style fuses the worlds of the handmade and digital: ink and watercolour illustrations done by hand turned into digital patterns for reproduction. She is inspired by her travels around the Philippines, and she makes it a point to always add her own interpretation of local elements in her designs. is Alessa’s blog where she chronicles her craft adventures that begin after her favourite meal of the day. She shares her passion by teaching craft workshops on weekends. Together with her husband, Alessandra runs vegan restaurant PIPINO, organic restaurant HILLSIDE Cafe & Juice Bar, and Pi Breakfast & Pies.

MANSY ABESAMIS is a Manila-based crafter and entrepreneur. She makes intricate papercuts and ceramic plates, designs jewelry, and loves the rain. She spent her childhood in the province of Pangasinan where she learned how to make her own toys using found objects.  This explains her work inspiration being drawn mostly from everything nature, home, and just about anything warm and earthy.

She spends most of her time in her art studio and shop, where she hosts craft workshops and gatherings, in the laid-back neighborhood of Katipunan. Or if she’s not there, she’s probably up in the mountains getting inspiration.

Mikko Sumulong MIKKO SUMULONG grew up in a family full of artists and makers. She caught the craft bug early, and is not afraid to pass it on. She has written a couple craft books, and has been featured on television and magazines for her craft work. While she believes that design should always have a handcrafted touch, she understands that the world today is digital. Her work is the perfect blend between technology and everything handmade. Her handwritten typefaces landed on book covers, billboards and movie screens.

You can see her work on her craft blog I Try DIY and online typeface shop Mix Fonts.

Macy AlcarazMACY ALCARAZ is the editor in chief of, baker-taste-tester at Macy’s Fields, and an all-around supporter of the handmade movement. In between editing and writing for a teen website, she finds time to work on books that celebrate arts and crafts. Some of the books she has worked on are The FriendshipBracelet Book, The Candy DIY Book, Knots About Cords, Polished!, The Nail Art Book, Polished, Too!, The ABCs of Lettering, and The ABCs of Journaling—all published by Summit Books.

You can read her thoughts—when she remembers to write them down—on

Nica CosioNICA COSIO is a stay-at-home wife and full-time mom, a part time graphic designer and illustrator. Arts and crafts is her jam. She specifically enjoys rubberstamp carving and doing playful crafts with children. She also co-founded Craft Party PH, which organises monthly workshops and provides art activities for parties and events. Together with her husband, she runs an open space and coffee bar in Cubao Expo called Kendo Creative which also serves as their art studio.